Rainforest Coding Blog

Teaching Coding Using 'Plugged ' and 'Unplugged' Resources

13th April 2022

Rainforest Coding offers an effective and interactive way to teach coding that expands beyond the games themselves! Students can understand the mechanics behind the games they play.


Creating the Coders of Tomorrow

25th February 2022

Younger generations are having increasingly less interest in ICT subjects at school. Fun and engaging coding games, like Rainforest Coding, are vital for creating the coders of tomorrow.


Combining Classes: Flexible Learning and Tracking Progress

21st January 2022

Make teaching hybrid lessons and combined classes easier with Rainforest Coding! Create classes, track individual and class module progress and print downloadable reports and certificates.


Coding Lesson Plans and Coding Glossary

10th December 2021

Take the stress out of planning coding classes! Rainforest Coding teachers can access downloadable and printable PDF lesson plans.


New: Congratulations Screen

1st November 2021

Each task in the Rainforest Coding adventure is now followed by a congratulations screen, detailing the skills learnt by the student.


Super Rescue Team Adventure

8th April 2021

NEW animated and interactive activities to introduce Scratch Jr coding to younger years, and those with more profound special educational needs.