Coding Lesson Plans and Coding Glossary

Access coding lesson plans for each activity, plus a coding glossary that explains any of the programming jargon you may come across.

Take the stress out of planning coding classes! Rainforest Coding teachers can access downloadable and printable PDF lesson plans. Each lesson plan will assist teachers in delivering fun and effective Scratch coding classes using Rainforest Coding.

You can take a sneak peek look at the lesson plan for Module 1- activity 1 & 2 here

The lesson plans include learning objectives, prompt questions to ask the class, SEN support suggestions and extension activities. Teachers can access each lesson plan on the help resources page in the Rainforest Coding admin view.

You can also access a coding glossary, which gives definitions for many of the coding terms that students will use as they work through the games. Below you can see the first page of the glossary. Access it online when needed, or print it out and display it for students and teachers to refer to during coding lessons.

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Rainforest Coding glossary page 1