Interactive Coding Games for Kids

Making learning and teaching Scratch and Scratch Junior block coding easy and fun!

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Teach the coding curriculum

Interactive games make learning (and teaching) Scratch and Scratch Jr easy and fun! Students will adventure to the rainforest, under the sea and through space, developing skills in logic and problem solving, while learning how to code.

Access in school and at home

Rainforest Coding can be easily accessed in school and at home, via one school login for all students.

Just go to the site on a PC, tablet or Chromebook.

Teacher view & resources

The easy to use teacher view allows you to track student progress and print personalised certificates. You will also gain access to a large bank of help resources to use in coding classes, including lesson plans, how-to videos and help sheets.

Rainforest Coding offers a simple, low cost solution for schools:

- Whole school annual subscription = £169 ex VAT

- Special needs school annual subscription = £129 ex VAT

Free trial

"Our year 3 and 4 have loved Rainforest Coding and found it a great way to develop and use their coding skills."

- Sandfield Primary School


"Pupils love using Rainforest Coding. Easy to use, teaches basics simply and well."

- Orwell Park School


"We use Rainforest Coding with our whole year 3 class and they love it! A parent said their child hadn't stopped talking about the games and asked to use it at home"

- Brookfield Primary School