Super Rescue Team Adventure

NEW animated and interactive activities to introduce Scratch Jr coding to younger years, and those with more profound special educational needs.

Students can now login to Rainforest Coding and explore the new Super Rescue Team adventure. This adventure will introduce Scratch Jr to develop basic skills in logic and problem solving, whilst following a fun adventure under the sea and in space.

This two level adventure provides a perfect starting point for children from ages 5-7, or those with more profound needs.

Using Scratch Jr coding, kids will develop important programming skills in logic and problem solving. Students will begin by going under water, introducing trigger and motion blocks to create short programs, moving on to explore space, helping the team reach the rocket launch pad and navigate through asteroids. These activities introduce looks, loops and message blocks, developing children's coding capabilities through play.

The animated and interactive games start students using block programming, and are the perfect stepping stone before they move on to tackling the Rainforest Coding adventure.