Need confidence teaching coding?

Have confidence leading coding classes with Rainforest Coding's accompanying lesson plans and help sheets.

Did you know Rainforest Coding has many helpful aids to ensure teachers and classroom assistants feel confident delivering coding lessons?

Alongside lesson plans and a coding glossary, we also have how-to videos and help sheets to support you and your students as you work through the different modules.

If you are a teacher who needs some confidence with teaching coding, our how-to videos, help sheets, lesson plans, and glossary are all super easy to access and reliable to use alongside our fantastic programme of coding games for kids. All these helpful extras will make you feel so much more assured and positive teaching coding to your class.

If you log in to your Rainforest Coding account, you will find a help tab. Here you will find a bank of support materials to guide you through each activity and module in the program; you can choose from PDF help sheets and how-to videos, amongst other helpful pages. Click on the individual links to access step-by-step instructions to complete all the tasks. Plus, you can download and print the PDF help sheets as and when needed during class.

We also have a short video to get you started. Watch here to find out how to set up classes and track student progress. Please note: you must type in more than one character to the class and student fields before the tick appears.

For more information or a free 14-day trial of Rainforest Coding, click here: RainforestCoding - Coding Games for Kids