Combining Classes: Flexible Learning and Tracking Progress

With increasing pressure to combine classes and implement hybrid learning, it is more important than ever for teachers to be able to provide lessons that are flexible to all ages, abilities and individual needs. Teaching resources need to be equally flexible in order to assist teachers.

The challenges faced by those in education - by teachers and students alike - as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly evolving, most recently under the surge of cases of the Omicron variant.

In a recent open letter, new government guidance urges the ‘flexible’ operations of staff and schools to ‘ensure settings remain open’ under the recent rise in cases. Masks are once again recommended for use in schools and as many as 7,000 air cleaning units will be made available: which is still only one for every three schools. This comes after a consequent rise in student and staff absences exhausting teachers and resources.

In an effort to counteract this, schools have been told to contemplate “combining classes” and implement “hybrid lessons” as routine teaching practice, “whilst ensuring that you continue to have appropriate support in place for pupils with SEND.” This can make the delivery of lessons to students in different settings and with different educational needs extremely challenging for teachers.

Online-learning platforms, like Rainforest Coding, can offer a lifeline to this stressful demand.
Rainforest Coding provides interactive coding games that can be played in the classroom or on a device at home. Teachers can also use the administrator’s view to download lesson plans and track student progress online.

Teaching coding to a combined class is made easier with Rainforest Coding, as the Scratch Junior and Scratch Coding modules means it caters to a range of ages and abilities. As students work their way through the interactive games, they can find reward in learning to code. Plus, printable certificates can be awarded to students after each module is completed.

Features include:

  • Creating and customising classes easily

  • Keeping track of both individual and class module progress

  • Producing and printing student reports and certificates

Organise and track classes stress-free: whether combining classes or teaching remotely. View any class at any time, see module progress and print student reports showing skills used and developed.

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