Confidence in Coding

How do you teach your pupils coding when you don’t even feel confident doing it yourself?

It’s one thing teaching your class coding or setting them up with an off-the-shelf programme, but really encouraging it means you need to feel confident with it as well. As the teacher, if you ‘get it’ and are enthusiastic about it, the chances are the children will enjoy it more too!

Coding, which is so important to technologies like software, apps and robotics, was introduced to the national curriculum in England in 2014, so it is still a relatively new subject with many teachers still feeling rather inexperienced to teach it.

According to the Education Business online publication, a staggering 67% of teachers in Britain don't feel confident teaching coding, because they don’t feel equipped with the right skills or tools.*

It is therefore important to arm teachers with tools that can empower them to confidently teach coding to students in an efficient and effective way. Interactive games provide the perfect way for teachers to allow students to take the lead in their learning, working through the games at their own pace and using the skills they already have to solve coding problems. 

Rainforest Coding provides just this!

It is a simple and easy-to-use coding site that includes a variety of interactive games and puzzles for the students where they will adventure to the rainforest, under the sea and through space, developing skills in logic and problem solving.

Empowered teachers also need the ability to provide additional resources and track the progress of each individual student. With Rainforest Coding’s admin view, teachers are able to use the available lesson plans to offer a combination of online and offline teaching methods so not only students, but also teachers, can get to grips with the mechanics behind the games.

The easy-to-use teacher view also allows you to track student progress for individual pupils or entire classes, enabling you to tailor learning to the student and print personalised certificates and progress reports to provide encouragement and feedback.

Teachers who are confident in coding will instill confidence in their students during IT lessons, allowing them to be fully engaged and develop an interest in the subject.  With the help of Rainforest Coding all teachers can deliver effective and fun coding classes without having to be an expert.

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